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Prachi Valley Weather

Winter is the best season to travel to Prachi Valley. During this time of the year days are cool whereas nights are very cold. Visitors can often sight people warming themselves in front of fire. The fair weather conditions during this season calls for a large number of tourists traveling to this place. 

Live Weather Forecast
Nakuru, Kenya 25 ℃ Partly cloudy
Wind: 0 from the N Humidity: 36% Pressure: 1013 mb Cloud Cover: 0%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Tuesday 06 Dec 25 ℃77 ℉ 7 ℃ 44 ℉
Wednesday 07 Dec 25 ℃78 ℉ 7 ℃ 44 ℉
Thursday 08 Dec 25 ℃77 ℉ 6 ℃ 44 ℉
Friday 09 Dec 27 ℃80 ℉ 7 ℃ 44 ℉
Saturday 10 Dec 27 ℃80 ℉ 7 ℃ 44 ℉

Summer is generally very short lasting for only three months. March, April and May are the summer months with temperatures soaring to 40° Celsius. Traveling to Prachi Valley can be quite treacherous in summer as the continuous spells of heat waves may give rise to severe sweating resulting in dehydration. 


Monsoon stays for a longer period of time. The monsoon season sets in the month of June and prevails till October. Heavy rainfall is common here during this period with frequent breaks. Hence visiting Prachi Valley during the monsoon season is also not advisable as it may hinder your sight-seeing.


Prachi Valley experiences short winter that lasts for three months. December, January and February are the winter months with temperatures falling below 10° Celsius. The maximum temperature is hardly 27° Celsius. This season is favourable for tourism. Visitors are advised to carry enough warm clothes to fight the cold waves.