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Porbandar Weather

Porbandar climatic conditions keep varying. The summers are quite humid, but the rains during monsoon are unpredictable and are both heavy and moderate

Live Weather Forecast
Porbandar, India 30 ℃ Light rain shower
Wind: 22 from the W Humidity: 74% Pressure: 998 mb Cloud Cover: 73%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Saturday 24 Jun 30 ℃86 ℉ 29 ℃ 85 ℉
Sunday 25 Jun 31 ℃88 ℉ 28 ℃ 83 ℉
Monday 26 Jun 31 ℃88 ℉ 29 ℃ 85 ℉
Tuesday 27 Jun 30 ℃86 ℉ 29 ℃ 85 ℉
Wednesday 28 Jun 30 ℃86 ℉ 28 ℃ 83 ℉

The summer season in Porbandar is very hot. The summer months here start from March and last up to May and June and the temperature during the time can go up to as high as 44�C. It generally varies between 40�C to 23�C during the time.


July, August and September are the monsoon months in Porbandar and the rains during the time is extremely unpredictable. While it can be very high during some years, it can be extremely scarce during other times.


Winter in Porbandar starts from October and lasts up to January. The temperature during the season may vary anywhere between 10�C to 36�C during the time and is the best time to visit the place for sightseeing.