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Porbandar Tourism - Where a Legend's Lore Began

Porbandar is an ancient port city of Gujarat. Situated at the coast of Kathiabar, it is commonly known as the birthplace of Gandhiji.

Porbandar photos, Porbandar Beach
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Tourist Places in and around Porbandar

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary, Miyani Beach, Barda Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Kirti Mandir, Porbandar Beach are some of the important places to visit in Porbandar. Kirti Mandir is the residence of Gandhiji and his ancestors which has now been converted into a museum.

The Bharat Mandir is another museum exhibiting sculptures and pictures of Indian heritage.Barda Hill Wildlife Sanctuary used to be a private property of ex-princely State of Ranavav or Porbandar. For that reason even now it is called as the Rana Barda and Jam Barda as the words 'Rana' or 'Jam' imply king.

Alongside the sanctuary there are wastelands, forest, and agriculture fields. There are various wild animals and a wide variety of fauna available in this forest. A variety of butterflies, lion, chinkara, sambar and Spotted Deer, Spotted Eagle and Crested Hawk-Eagle are some of the birds and animals found in this forest.


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Travel Talk

Porbandar is also known as “Sudhamapuri” because according to Indian mythology this is the birth place of Krishna's friend Sudama. Excavations revealed remaining of the Harappan civilization, dated almost as the time as Beyt Dwarka. During 16th Century Jethwa Rajput Clan was the ruling family in Porbandar, and it was a state under the Mughal Governor of Gujarat. Later it came under the rule of the Gaekwads and the Peshwas, ultimately leading to the governance of the British. Under the Mughals, Peshwas and the British Porbandar was an active business center with ships sailing to countries like East Africa, Arab and Persian Gulf. During Indian Independence as a part of the 'United State of Kathiawar' , Porbandar joined India to form the state of Gujarat.


Porbandar is a part of Kathiabar and situated at the west coast of Gujarat next to the Arabian Sea. This place is mostly plain with golden beaches leaving the exceptions of some hilly areas like the Barda Hills. On one side is the Arabian Sea and on the other three sides lie the cities of Bhanvad, Upleta and Keshod.

Porbandar Weather

Climate there is temperate due to the proximity to the Arabian Sea with moderate summers and pleasant winters. Monsoon is very unpredictable because to the sea winds in this season that causes thunderstorms and heavy showers. In general the climate is a little humid due to sea.

How to reach Porbandar

Porbandar is properly connected by Road, Rail and Air to all major cities of the country. Porbandar Railway station and Porbandar Airport serve to all domestic and international passengers. State transport Corporation Buses and auto rickshaws are available for transportation inside the city.


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