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Bharathapuzha, Ponnani

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Bharathapuzha, also known in the name of Nila, is the second longest river of Kerala. Over the years, this river has come to represent a culture specific to Northern Kerala. Bharathapuzha is believed to have contributed to the growth of a culture unique to Malabar and appears in the writings of many regional writers.

Ponnani photos, Bharathapuzha - The Tranquil River
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Ponnani has a tidal mouth where Bharathapuzha meets Tirur River and this place seasonally houses thousands of migratory birds. This is an ideal location, not just for ornithologists but for amateur birdwatchers. Flocks of birds flying past the river during the summer months are a sight no traveler would want to miss.

The 209 km stretch of Bharathapuzha carries not just streams of water but torrents of culture and heritage. Though summer heat dries this river, generous monsoons replenish its streams with water and its banks with greenery. Be it summer, monsoon or winter Bharathapuzha delights a traveler with it grandeur and glory.


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