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Phek Weather

Summers are the best time to visit the Phek district. During the months of March to May, temperate climate prevails. The pleasant climatic conditions are ideal for going out on the countryside as well as exploring the natural hideouts in and around the place. During the other seasons, the weather can get harsh.

Live Weather Forecast
Phek, India 27 ℃ Sunny
Wind: 4 from the SE Humidity: 47% Pressure: 1009 mb Cloud Cover: 12%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Monday 24 Oct 29 ℃85 ℉ 6 ℃ 44 ℉
Tuesday 25 Oct 28 ℃83 ℉ 12 ℃ 53 ℉
Wednesday 26 Oct 25 ℃77 ℉ 15 ℃ 59 ℉
Thursday 27 Oct 25 ℃77 ℉ 12 ℃ 53 ℉
Friday 28 Oct 23 ℃74 ℉ 10 ℃ 50 ℉

From March to May, summer sets in Phek. The average day temperature stays between 16 degrees Celsius to 31 degrees Celsius. Summers are the best time to visit the region as the temperate climate makes it easy to travel. You can also expect slight rainfall by the end of May.


Monsoons are a long-drawn affair in Phek with torrential rains for several months. The monsoon sets in by June and continues till October. August experiences the maximum rainfall disrupting normal life to a large extent. It becomes exceedingly difficult for tourists to travel to Phek during this time and is advised not to.


Winters bring in the chill in the district making it necessary to bring out all the warm clothes for a couple of months. By the month of December, winter sets in and lasts till February. The average temperature can drop down to below 10 degrees Celsius. After sunset, the area becomes very chilly.