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Peren Weather

Summers and springs are the best time to visit Peren, where the climate is pleasant. It is during the Spring that you can enjoy the best of this district in terms of its natural beauty. A visit during the month of October will also treat you with the Chaga-Ngee and Chega Gadi festivals.

Live Weather Forecast
Peren,Nagaland 14 ℃ Overcast
Wind: 0 from the WSW Humidity: 77% Pressure: 1024 mb Cloud Cover: 100%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Monday 21 Aug 23 ℃73 ℉ 13 ℃ 55 ℉
Tuesday 22 Aug 28 ℃82 ℉ 16 ℃ 60 ℉
Wednesday 23 Aug 30 ℃86 ℉ 12 ℃ 54 ℉
Thursday 24 Aug 23 ℃73 ℉ 13 ℃ 55 ℉
Friday 25 Aug 23 ℃73 ℉ 14 ℃ 57 ℉

From March to May it is summer time in Peren and it is the most pleasant time of the year. During this season the day, the temperature hovers between 18 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees. There is occasional rainfall during this period which adds to the beauty of this place.


The district of Peren receives substantial amounts of rainfall like most other parts of Nagaland during the months of June to October. There are also occasional hailstorms. This is the time of the year when the forests and the mountains are at their best with most of the trees and plants flowering.


Winter starts in the month of November and lasts up to the end of February in Peren. Being a mountainous place, this region experiences bitter cold during this time of the year where the temperature can drop below the 5 degrees centigrade mark for days at a stretch.