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Jambulingeswara Temple, Pattadakal


Jambulingeswara Temple that was constructed in 7th century AD is a popular religious site at Pattadakal. Upon entering this temple, devotees will find the figures of Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva and Nandi. Just like its twin Kadasiddhesvara Temple, it was built on an elevated plinth with five mouldings. The top moulding is embellished with miniature ganas, birds and kudus. Devotees can see the relics of a raised platform at the east side of this temple.

Pattadakal photos, Jambulingeswara Temple
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The basement of Nandi-mandapa as well as the remains of a Nandi idol can be seen at the eastern side of the temple. The sanctum walls have ornate niches that are further decorated with sculptures of Vishnu (north), Surya (west) and Siva (south). The ceiling slabs of the garbhagriha and roof slabs of the mandapa had been carved with makaras and vyalas. Moreover, tourists will notice that the entrance of the mandapa is embellished with door-bands. All tourists planning to visit the city of Pattadakal must include Jambulingeswara Temple in their itinerary.

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