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Betaab Valley, Pahalgam


Betaab Valley is famous among tourists for its scenic beauty. This place was renamed after a Bollywood movie called ‘Betaab’. Most of the scenes of the movie were shot with this valley as a backdrop. Located 7 km away from Pahalgam, the valley is also noted as the river mouth of Sheshnag. Snow-covered mountains, deodar forests, pine trees, crystal clear streams, warm sunshine, and willow trees are some of the major attraction of this location.

Pahalgam photos, Betaab Valley - Beautiful Peaks View
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The close proximity of Baisaran and the Tulian Lake and the short distance from Pahalgam have also made the place popular with visitors. In addition, the work of the Pahalgam Development Authority towards the development of this place has made it even more popular.

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