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Pachmarhi Photos

Pachmarhi photos, Satpura National park - A view of the Park
A view of the Satpura National Park rich in flora and fauna is named after the Satpura Hill ranges.It is a home to a large variety of animals and birds.
Photos Courtesy : commons.wikimedia.org
Pachmarhi photos, Pandav Caves - The Buddhist Caves
Pandava Caves are Buddhist caves with a garden at the base.These caves in Panchmari are rich in timber reserve.The caves are almost 10000 years old.
Photos Courtesy : en.wikipedia.org
Pachmarhi photos, Lord Shiva
The famous giant Shiva statue blue in color in the hills of Panchmari in Madhya Pradesh.Panchmari is the land of Lord Shiva temples.
Photos Courtesy : commons.wikimedia.org
Pachmarhi photos, Tranquil Valleys
The tranquil and serene valleys of Panchmari,a hill station located in the heart of India.The enchanting beauty of the hills makes it one of the famous tourist spots in Madhya Pradesh.
Photos Courtesy : commons.wikimedia.org
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