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Nizamabad Weather

The best time to visit Nizamabad is during the winter months, when there is a considerable drop in temperature but the weather is still pleasant enough to make sightseeing and traveling comfortable. October to February are the ideal months to go touring in Nizamabad. However, it is also recommended that tourists carry light woolen clothing with them just in case it becomes cold at night.

Live Weather Forecast
Nizamabad, India 28 ℃ Sunny
Wind: 12 from the NNE Humidity: 42% Pressure: 1014 mb Cloud Cover: 0%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Friday 28 Oct 33 ℃91 ℉ 20 ℃ 68 ℉
Saturday 29 Oct 32 ℃89 ℉ 19 ℃ 67 ℉
Sunday 30 Oct 33 ℃91 ℉ 20 ℃ 68 ℉
Monday 31 Oct 32 ℃90 ℉ 20 ℃ 68 ℉
Tuesday 01 Nov 32 ℃90 ℉ 20 ℃ 69 ℉

Summer time in Nizamabad is excruciatingly hot, humid and dry. The summers begin towards the end of February and last until the end of June. The hottest months are May and June, and the temperature goes as high as 45 degrees during these months. Tourists are advised not to travel to the region during these months.


Monsoons arrive in the town of Nizamabad towards the end of June and continue through July and August. The region receives moderate rainfall, and the temperature comes down to about 35 degrees Celsius on an average. However, the rains do not do anything to bring down the level of heat; instead they cause an increase in the level of humidity.


Winters in Nizamabad are nothing like the winters of north India. The winter months are typically November, December, January and February. Of these, January is considered to be the coldest month in the region. The temperature does not go below 27 degrees Celsius nor does it go over 32 degrees Celsius.