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Nava Toran Temple, Neemuch


The Nava Toran Temple of Neemuch is located at Khor village. This beautiful temple was constructed in the 11th century. The Nava Toran temple is an epitome of eye-catching beauty which is displayed by the decorative arches arranged both length and breadth wise in two rows which intersect each other at the centre. The ceiling of the temple is supported on a pair of pillars which can be seen clearly in the hall and porches.

Neemuch photos, Nava Toran Temple - Idol of Varaha
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The main attraction of this wonderful temple stands at the centre in the form of a statue of Varaha.The amazing decoration of the Nava Toran temple consists of boarders in the shape of leaves, garland bearers, makaras’ heads etc.

Tourists have a lovely time by visiting this famous temple in Neemuch. The Vikram Cement campus is an important landmark to figure out the famous Nava Toran temple at the village of Khor.

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