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Theru palli Masjid, Nagore

Must Visit

Theeru Palli Masjid is one of the most auspicious masjid in the entire town of Nagore. Nagore is a small municipal town in Tamil Nadu, but it is famous all across the state because of its unity between the Hindus and the Muslims. The Muslims here come daily in order to have their prayer. This masjid has a legacy that is being carried for years. The locals have a very close association with this masjid and the authority of the masjid work in close collaboration with the common people.

One gets a great feeling after he or she visits the masjid as there is calmness all over the place. The masjid is considered to be very auspicious in nature and no one comes back from the place without having his wish fulfilled. The masjid is always bedecked in order to give a beautiful look to the surroundings.

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