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Mon Weather

Each of the three seasons changes the face of Mon in some way or other. Thus, you can travel any time. However, the summers and the winters are more popular seasons for tourists as there is much to be seen during these times. During the summers, one can attend the Aoleong Monyu festival celebrated by the Konyaks.

Live Weather Forecast
Mon, India 27 ℃ Patchy rain possible
Wind: 3 from the ENE Humidity: 71% Pressure: 1013 mb Cloud Cover: 38%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Wednesday 26 Oct 27 ℃81 ℉ 10 ℃ 49 ℉
Thursday 27 Oct 28 ℃82 ℉ 12 ℃ 53 ℉
Friday 28 Oct 27 ℃80 ℉ 10 ℃ 49 ℉
Saturday 29 Oct 27 ℃81 ℉ 10 ℃ 49 ℉
Sunday 30 Oct 28 ℃82 ℉ 11 ℃ 52 ℉

If you are visiting Mon during the summers, that is, from March to May, you would only experience pleasant weather. The average temperature stays below 25 degree Celsius. On the other hand, the minimum temperature too doesn’t drop below 16 degree Celsius. However, the days are quite humid.


It is considered that the monsoon starts late in the later part of May and continues till October. Rainfall can be quite heavy with humidity of about 76 per cent. Monsoons in Mon will be a different experience all together with greener and beautiful hills all around.


During the months of December to February, the winters set in Mon getting chilly and quite cold. The temperature can drop down below 10 degree Celsius. Since Christmas falls during the winters, visitors get to see an exuberant Mon at this time. Many tourists prefer travelling to Mon during the winters.