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Gurdwara Amb Sahib, Mohali

Must Visit

Gurdwara Amb Sahib in Mohali has immense historical and cultural significance and is thus a must visit for tourists. As per legends, Bhai Kuram Ji of Kabul travelled to Amritsar to seek the blessings of the 5th Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev Ji. While everyone else was paying gifts to Guru Sahib, he stood there empty-handed. Ashamed of this, Bhai Kuram Ji saved the amb given as Prasad and presented the same to Guru Sahib the next morning. Guru Arjan Dev Ji asked him to eat his Prasad and promised that his offering will be accepted one day.

Mohali photos, Gurdwara Amb Sahib - A frontal view
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The 7th Sikh Guru, Guru Har Rai Ji, visited the site of this Gurdwara to fulfil the promise of his great grandfather, Guru Arjan Dev Ji. Through his might, Guru Sahib planted a tree full of ambs at this site and since then, the place came to be known as Gurdwara Amb Sahib.

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