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Meerut Photos

Meerut photos, Shahid Smarak - Statue of Mangal Pandey
This is the statue of Mangal Pandey at the Shaheed Smarak in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh...
Photos Courtesy : commons.wikimedia.org
Meerut photos, Shahid Smarak - Central column of Shahid Smarak
This is the central column of Shaheed Smarak which is dedicated to the 1857 War of Independence..
Photos Courtesy : commons.wikimedia.org
Meerut photos, St. John's Church - Structure of Church
What you see is a neat structure of the St. John's Church of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh...
Photos Courtesy : www.wikipedia.org
Meerut photos, Gandhi Bagh - Entrance of Gandhi Bagh
This is one of the entrances to Gandhi Bagh, an attraction in Meerut..
Photos Courtesy : commons.wikimedia.org
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