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Khiching, Mayurbhanj

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Khiching is a temple town since the ancient era. The city has served as the capital for the Bhanj dynasty from the 9th to the 12th century A.D. A continuing tradition of art, architecture and culture give Khiching the aura of a city lost in time.The rulers of the Bhanj dynasty fondly and fervently worship Maa Kichakeshwari who is also known as Khijingeswari. The temple of Maa Kichakeshwari in Khiching brings a large number of tourists to Mayurbhanj.

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The temple that had seen numerous rulers bow their heads in prayer was destroyed and forgotten for a short period of time. It was restored by the Bhanj dynasty ruler Maharaja Purna Chandra Bhanj Deo and his brother Pratap Chandra Bhanj Deo in 1925. A museum near the temple holds several artifacts and idols that were found during the restoration efforts. The best time to visit would be during Shiva ratri as the festival sees a seven day celebration in Khiching.

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