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Rupayan Museum, Mandu


Rupayan Museum is one of the many places frequented by tourists.The exhibits in a museum vary; they may be temporary or permanent. The exhibits may pertain to science, arts and crafts, evolution or even history. Museums often in cities and towns across the world offer glimpses into a way of life, a culture often long lost in time and translation. A museum therefore may be seen as a lifetime compressed into exhibits.

The Rupayan Museum in Mandu offers similar snapshots of the way of life of the locals through exhibits of tools and crafts indigenous to the locals. The brainchild of internationally acclaimed folklorist, the late Kamal Kothari, the museum is located on the outskirts of Jodhpur.

The museum sits on ten acres of land allotted by the State government to further understanding about the “technology of living”. The Rupayan Sansthan is credited with being the curator of the museum.


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