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Darya Khan’s Tomb, Mandu


Darya Khan’s Tomb is an important artifact of Mandu. Visiting this tomb is equivalent to visiting another era, the artwork and intricate carvings on the monument are astounding to behold. The tomb as suggested by the name is the final resting place of Darya Khan. Located between Hosai village and the Rewa Kund, the location is perfect for tourists with many other interesting locations close by.

Mandu photos, Darya Khan’s Tomb - Magnificient  Architecture.
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The architecture of the tomb is reminiscent of the Taj Mahal and the tomb of Hoshang Shah with the four domes marking the corners of the tomb. Furthermore, the tomb is on an elevated platform and is a square structure with high arches on all four sides supporting the dome.

The arches on the interior walls set in blue tiles bring colour into the otherwise sober interior. The lattice work in stone is an ingenious way to let light and air in while acknowledging the art and archeological practices of the era.


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