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Bhartruhari Caves, Mandu


Bhartruhari Caves are a group of caves, a historical site named after a sage, “Bhartruhari”. King Bhartruhari was King Vikramaditya’s step brother, a scholar and a poet. He was the pioneer who simplified Sanskrit to make it accessible to the common man. His work, “Vakyapadiya” is regarded as a pioneering understanding of Sanskrit linguistic philosophy and grammar.

Born into luxury and a royal lineage, King Bhartruhari saw the sham that life in pursuit of worldly possessions really is. He gave up all the luxuries and false trappings of royalty in lieu of a path to enlightenment. King Bhartruhari’s search for enlightenment and truth led him to the caves known today as Bhartruhari caves.

The caves enclose a small temple devoted to an idol of the Nath community. Devotees today pay respect to the scholar-poet who revolutionized Sanskrit understanding amidst common men.


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