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Yakshi Statue, Malampuzha


Yakshi Statue is one of the most popular sculptures of Kerala which is regarded as an artistic wonder by lovers of art. The statue is located in the Malampuzha Gardens and attracts millions of visitors every year. The statue, placed at the backdrop of mountain ranges and lush green gardens, offers a visual treat to the spectator.

Malampuzha photos, Yakshi Statue - A view
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Yakshi, a mythological figure, is sculptured by Kanai Kunhiraman, one of the most famous sculptors of Kerala, in the year of 1969. The statue is colossal in size and is created out of a single section of rock. The skillfulness and the creativity behind the statue are remarkable, and it leaves the spectator spellbound.

It is one of the must-see attractions in Malampuzha and can be combined with a trip to the damsite and gardens. Evenings spent in the Malampuzha Gardens are made spectacular by the presence of this magnificent marvel carved out of stone.


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