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Krishna's Butterball, Mahabalipuram

Must Visit

Krishna's Butterball, also known as 'Vaan irai kal' and 'Krishna's gigantic butterball', is one of the must-visit attractions if Mahabalipuram. This balancing rock is of 5m in diameter, on a smooth slope.

Mahabalipuram photos, Krishna's Butterball - Tourists Under the Shade of the Rock
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According to Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna used to steal a lot of butter from the butter handi as a child, and the butterball in Mahabalipuram is symbolic of the amount of butter he used to steal. In 1969, a tour guide is to have given the boulder the name 'Krishna's Butterball' to Indira Gandhi who was in the city on a tour.

The other attractions in the city include the Shore Temple, Crocodile Bank, Five Rathas and the Tiger Cave.  

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