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Madurai Weather

The best time of the year to visit Madurai is during the months of October to March. The weather is pleasant and comfortable during this time of the year which makes tourist activities fun. The rest of the year is usually hot and dry and not recommended for visits to the city.

Live Weather Forecast
Madurai, India 33 ℃ Sunny
Wind: 7 from the NNW Humidity: 51% Pressure: 1010 mb Cloud Cover: 0%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Tuesday 25 Apr 41 ℃106 ℉ 30 ℃ 85 ℉
Wednesday 26 Apr 42 ℃107 ℉ 30 ℃ 85 ℉
Thursday 27 Apr 42 ℃107 ℉ 30 ℃ 86 ℉
Friday 28 Apr 41 ℃106 ℉ 30 ℃ 86 ℉
Saturday 29 Apr 41 ℃105 ℉ 28 ℃ 83 ℉

The summers of Madurai are intensely hot with temperatures hovering around 26° Celsius to 41° Celsius. The summer experienced is usually from the months of March to June with May being the hottest month. This time of the year is not recommended for travel.


The Monsoons of Madurai receive moderate to heavy rainfall during the months of July and August. The rain however brings down the temperature, and the weather becomes pleasant. The city could be visited during this time of the year by tourists who like rainy outings.


The winter months experienced between the months of December to February are the most pleasant months in Madurai. The temperature hovers around 18° Celsius to 32° Celsius and provides for the ideal atmosphere for sightseeing and other tourist activities.