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Kazimar Big Mosque, Madurai


The Kazimar Big Mosque is located close to the Madurai Junction and Periyar Bus stand. It is an old mosque which was built by Hazrat Kazi Syed Tajuddin, a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad, in the 13th century. The mosque is believed to be the oldest in Madurai. The Pandya king Kulasekara Pandya presented him with this land when he came from Oman.

Madurai photos, Kazimar Big Mosque - Maqbara
Image source:en.wikipedia.org
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]The mosque gets its name Big Mosque or Periya Pallivasal because of its size. With a capacity of 2500 people, it is one of the biggest in the area. There is also a dargah of the Madurai Hazarat is located within the mosque complex. The dargah is known as Madurai Maqbara.


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