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Lonar Crater, Lonar

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The Lonar Crater is credited with being the world’s one and only salt water lake in basaltic rock. Located in the village of Lonar, the crater is said to have been a result of a meteorite that hit the Earth a mind boggling 52,000 years ago.

Lonar photos, Lonar Crater - Crater That Turned Into a Lake
Image source:Wikipedia
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The Crater is presently surrounded by lush green forests and a huge variety of birds. Fowls like ducks, owls, peacocks and Red-wattled Lapwings can especially be seen here quite often.

The lake, however, does not support life and has no plant or marine life. The Lake by itself is a beautiful attraction to view. It is best experienced in the twilight, just before the sun sets.

The Lonar Sarovar nearby, is home to several medicinal and aromatic plants and shrubs. There also lies the Kamalja Mata Temple in the vicinity, about 3 km away. Tourists who are generally curious about the Universe’ mysteries and are inclined toward geology or science, must absolutely pay a visit to this place at least once in their lifetime.

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