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Arulmigu Maragathamigai Chandra Choodeshwara Temple, Krishnagiri


Arulmigu Maragathamigai Chandra Choodeshwara Temple, situated in Hosur on National highway 7, is positioned on a hillock and is surrounded by nature that is for the most part untouched. An observatory and a children’s park initiated by the tourism department of Tamil Nadu invite tourists to experience the place not just for religious purposes. Given the temples location on a national highway, devotees that cross the threshold of the temple are mostly travelers with destinations onward from Hosur. The location of the temple and the proximity of a park close by make the temple an ideal stop over on a journey.

The elevation of the temple affords devotees sweeping panoramic views of Hosur. The observatory entices tourists to learn more about the stars and their celestial journeys. The observatory and the temple are contradictory to each other, while one offers a glimpse into astronomy and science, the temple offers astrology and belief systems that are not completely based on facts. Whatever your belief system Arulmigu Maragathamigai Chandra Choodeshwara Temple has something to offer for everyone.


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