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Kollam Weather

The period starting from November till March is the best time to visit the region of Kollam. It is the time of festivals and travelers get a glimpse of the festive hues and fervor. Months of heavy summer (April and May) and incessant rains (June and July) are best avoided.

Live Weather Forecast
Kollam, India 32 ℃ Partly cloudy
Wind: 22 from the WNW Humidity: 71% Pressure: 1007 mb Cloud Cover: 25%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Tuesday 25 Apr 35 ℃95 ℉ 28 ℃ 83 ℉
Wednesday 26 Apr 35 ℃94 ℉ 28 ℃ 83 ℉
Thursday 27 Apr 35 ℃95 ℉ 28 ℃ 83 ℉
Friday 28 Apr 35 ℃94 ℉ 28 ℃ 83 ℉
Saturday 29 Apr 35 ℃94 ℉ 28 ℃ 82 ℉

Kollam enjoys a tropical climate primarily due to the proximity and influence of the Arabian Sea. Summer starts in Kollam from March and is prolonged for three months until late May. The climate during summer is characterized by moderate heat. The temperature goes to a maximum of 34°C during this season and those who plan a trip to Kollam in summer should carry cotton outfits and sun glasses.


Kollam receives generous rainfalls in the months of June and July due to the southwest monsoons. The monsoons that start in June are extended till early September. The region gets a decent rainfall in the months of October and November owing to northeast monsoons. The months of heavy showers are not recommended for backwater cruising, visiting beaches and sightseeing.


Winter starts in Kollam from the month of December and the climate gets dry in the following months. Winter season is prolonged till February and winter showers are common in the region. December, January and February constitute the ideal time for backwater cruising, sightseeing and other outdoor activities.