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Bhavani Mata Temple, Khandwa

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Bhavani Mata Temple is situated in the south-west part of the town of Khandwa in the vicinity of the Dada Darbar. The temple is enshrined to Godess Maa Turja Bhavani, an incarnation of Hindu Goddess Parvati. Hence, the name of the temple is also the same.

Turja Bhavani Mata Temple is considered to be very holy and thousands of devotees visit this temple every year to seek the blessing to the dedicated Goddess. This temple is one of the important shrines of Devi Maa in India. It is believed that a visit to this temple liberates a person from all misfortunes and all sins are forgiven.

There are several myths associated with this ancient temple. It is said that Lord Rama worshipped in this temple during his vanwaas or exile. He prayed to the deity for 9 days and to honour this event a fair is held every year for 9 days during the festival of Navraatri.


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