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Radha Pukhuri, Kaziranga


Narayanapur has several interesting attractions that tourists can visit while in Kaziranga National Park. One of them is the Radha Pukhuri at the Sawkuchi village. The tank is currently used by the Assam Government’s Fisheries Department for free breeding and cultivation.

It is believed that Radha Pukhuri was built sometime between 1400 and 1500 AD, though the exact year cannot be told. The Radha Pukhuri was built by King Lakhminarayan and he named the tank after his wife ‘Radha’. Other historians, however, hold an opposing view that the tank was constructed by Queen Sarbeswari.

The Radha Pukhuri was briefly known as Adhapukhuri, ‘Adha’ meaning half, as construction came to a halt halfway. It was soon changed back to Radha Pukhuri.

Narayanapur is located 34 kilometres from the national park. For tourists interested in visiting the Radha Pukhuri tank, they can easily reach Narayanapur in an hour’s time.


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