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Akadohia Pukhuri, Kaziranga


This big tank (In the Assamese language pukhuri stands for tank) is situated at the Kachua village near Dholpur. It is believed to have been named after a holy Brahmin guru called Akadoshi who lived near the tank. It is believed that the guru had divine powers and this made him very popular in the village and other neighbouring villages. Even today the locals believe that their wishes would come true by praying near the tank. Hence the tank is sacred to the people of Kachua village and other nearby villages.

This also makes Akadohia Pukhuri a very popular spot with the people visiting this place. While some come with prayers in their heart, others come here to see the tank and get to know the culture of the people living around. The village setting offers you a perfect picture into the life of the people of a village in Assam.


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