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Asha Purani Mandir, Kathua


Asha Purani Mandir, popular as the Prachin Mandir, is located in the centre of Kathua City. Built in 1949 by ex-minister of the state, Shri Bhagat Chajju Ram, the temple is dedicated to Hindu Goddess Durga. The height of Mandir bhawan (temple building) is 30 ft, and the statue of the goddess is 10 ft high, which is positioned on the top of the temple’s building.According to the mythology, the temple is situated on the spot where the ashes of Goddess Durga were dropped by the sudershan chakra, a spinning disk-like weapon of Hindu God of Preservation, Vishnu. Since then, the temple is called the Asha Purani Temple. Tourists in a large number visit this temple every year to seek blessings from the presiding deity.

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