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Sadashivgad Hill Fort, Karwar


Sadashivgad Hill Fort is a popular tourist attraction that is situated 5 km from Karwar town on the banks of Kali River. This structure was constructed on a 200 feet high hilltop by Raja Sonde in 1698. In 1715, Basavlingraj had given the name 'Sadasgivgad' to this fort to honour his father, Sadashivlingraj.

Karwar photos, Sadashivgad Hill Fort
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Upon reaching the Sadashivgad Hill Fort, tourists can visit a renowned temple that is dedicated to Goddess Durga. The Dargah of Karimuddin Ghouse Jilani, belonging to 17th century, can also be visited while exploring this hill fort. This fort had been the property of many rulers, namely Portuguese, Marathas and British.

The top of Sadashivgad Hill Fort offers a picturesque aerial view of the village, along with Kali Bridge and the sight of Kali River's union with Arabian Sea. At present, the fort lies in ruins because majority of the site was annihilated by General Mathews of East India Company in the year 1783. Tourists on a trip to Karwar can board local buses or hire taxis and private buses in order to reach this ancient site.

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