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Karnala Fort, Karnala

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The Karnala Fort is a prime attraction in the city of Karnala, in the Raigad District. Also known as the Funnel Hill, this fort lies within the Karnala Bird Sanctuary and is made up of two forts – one higher than the other.The higher fort occupies a 125 feet high pillar made of basalt that is locally known as Pandu’s Tower and was employed to keep a watch on the activities in the vicinity. Presently, it lies in a dilapidated condition.The fort has a Persian and a Marathi inscription. The Marathi one is illegible and undated while the Persian one has the data ‘Syed Nuruddin Muhammad Khan, Hijri, 1147 AH (1735 CE)’ inscribed on it. It probably dates back to the Mughal era.The Karnala Fort houses a water cistern. That apart, the view from atop this place gives a fantastic scene of the Rajmachi fort and the Prabalgad fort in the distance.

Karnala photos, Karnala Fort - Closer View
Image source:Wikimedia
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