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Miran Sahib’s Tomb, Karnal


Miran Sahib, whose full name was Asthan Sayad Mahmud, was a saintly person known far and wide for his humanitarian and charitable work irrespective of cast, community or religion.

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Brunda Nagaraj
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According to a story, a Raja abducted a Brahmin girl and refused to release her. Miran Sahib rallied a force of 500 fighters and attacked the raja. The battle was fiercely fought near the Karnal Railway Station. Although the girl was rescued, almost all the soldiers lost their lives.

Miran Sahib also lost a hand in the battle. But the interesting part of the story is that it was buried at a place called Budhana in Patiala district. And when he died in 286 Hijri, his head was buried in Karnal and his body in Jhinjana in the Muzaffarnagar District in Uttar Pradesh. His tomb was built in the far south of Karnal in a graveyard that also contains the graves of some important members of the Mandal Nawab family of Karnal. There is also a mosque close by.

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