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Kalandar Shah’s Tomb, Karnal


Kalander Shah’s tomb was built by Ghias-ud-din, Emperor of Delhi in the memory of a Sufi sage named Bo-Ali-Qualander Shah. It is situated just outside Karnal city on its eastern side. The sufi saint was a highly venerated man revered by all communities around the region. His life, miracles and teachings made a deep influence on the minds of the people.

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Bo-Ali-Qualander Shah was born in Buddha Khera, a village close to Panipat. According to legend, a faqir or a mendicant visited him along with his pet animal, a ferocious tiger. The idea was to impress Bo-Ali Qalander with his supernatural powers. Miffed by this effrontery, the host produced a cow that gobbled down the tiger. Still not satisfied with the display of his miraculous powers, he mounted a wall that moved on when he escorted his guest to the bank of a river.

There are several other anecdotes about his miraculous powers. He died in 724 Hijri. His tombs were built in Buddha Khera, his native place, Panipat and of course in Karnal. The tomb at Karnal is surrounded by a wall. It houses a mosque and fountains.

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