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Madan Mohanji Temple, Karauli


Madan Mohanji Temple, located at Karauli Fort in Karauli, was built by Maharaja Gopal Singh. It is dedicated to Madan Mohanji, an incarnation of Lord Krishna.Statues of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha, 3 ft and 2 ft high respectively, are kept in the temple. People are of the belief that after conquering the city of Daulatabad, Maharaja Gopal Singh dreamt that Lord Krishna wants him to enshrine his idol, brought from Ajmer at a temple in Karauli.

Karauli photos, Madan Mohanji Temple - Idol
Image source:karauli.nic.in
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The temple is constructed using the Karauli stone and showcases the architecture of the medieval age. A large number of pictures can be seen on the circumambulatory path around the garbhagriha. The architectural beauty of the temple is also depicted by the sanctum sanctorum, the open chowk and the spacious Jagmohan.A large number of festivals which are associated with Radha and Krishna are celebrated here. Tourists can take part in all these festivities which include Janmasthmi, Radha Asthmi, Gopasthmi, and Hindola. Additionally, a fair is also organised here on every Amavasya, for the local people as well as tourists.


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