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Siddhnath Shiv Temple, Jodhpur

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Siddhnath Shiv temple is located between the Takhat Sagar hills. The route to the temple initially traverses a crude path that runs to the right of the filter house in Jodhpur. One has to then cross the stairs which have been formed by cutting rocks, to reach this shrine.

The history of this temple dates back to the ancient times when the place used to be totally deserted. Being an absolutely lonely place, a hermit named Veetragi Narain Swami, who was a highly worshipped and respected saint in the surrounding areas, started living there. Later another saint named Gaurishankar also came to this place. He was handicapped and had only four fingers later became renowned as 'Nepali Baba'. He on his own made a big temple here by cutting stones. This temple is now famous as the Siddhnath Shiv temple.


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