A Travel Guide To Joshimath

Jhansi Weather

Like other cities of north India, the best time to visit Jhansi is from November to March when the weather is mild and pleasant. For the rest of the months, it can get very hot and dry. The city also attracts a lot of visitors during February and March when the week long Jhansi Festival takes place.

Live Weather Forecast
Jhansi, India 40 ℃ Sunny
Wind: 22 from the NW Humidity: 8% Pressure: 1009 mb Cloud Cover: 0%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Sunday 26 Mar 40 ℃105 ℉ 24 ℃ 75 ℉
Monday 27 Mar 42 ℃107 ℉ 26 ℃ 78 ℉
Tuesday 28 Mar 43 ℃110 ℉ 25 ℃ 77 ℉
Wednesday 29 Mar 44 ℃110 ℉ 25 ℃ 77 ℉
Thursday 30 Mar 43 ℃110 ℉ 26 ℃ 79 ℉

The summer season is from March to May. The temperature can range from a minimum of 22°C to a maximum of about 40°C. May is the hottest month of the season. The hot winds can make the days all the more uncomfortable.


Monsoon season is from July to September and during this period, the city receives heavy intermittent rainfall. The sky remains clouded, and the weather is wet and humid.


The winter season is from November to February. The weather during this period is mild and pleasant, and the temperature remains between 12°C to 20°C.