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Thlumuwi Stone Bridge, Jaintia Hills


Thlumuwi Stone Bridge was built by U Mar Phalyngki and U Luh Lyngskor Lamare, under the order of the Jaintia King. The story goes that the Jaintia King had shifted his Summer Capital from Sutnga to Nartiang. Hence, to carry out communication between Nartiang, the summer capital and Jaintiapur, the regular capital of his kingdom, he ordered his lieutenants U Mar Phalyngki and U Luh Lyngskor Lamare to construct a bridle-path joining the two places.

The bridle-path was completed with a majestic stone bridge over the Thlumuwi stream. The bridge was made of enormous slabs of stone, supported by heavy, tall stone columns.Several centuries later, one of the stone slabs broke when an elephant trader led some elephants over the bridge. Yet in spite of the damage the bridge stands strong and tall even today.

The Muwi waterfalls which flows next to the banks of the Thlumuwi stream forms a beautiful and outstanding panoramic view of nature.


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