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Borghat Temple, Jaintia Hills


Borghat Temple is situated in Borghat village in the Jaintia Hills and is at proximity to the Bangladesh border. Although it was in perfect shape until the 1880’s, it now stands in a dilapidated condition after the earthquake of 1897 that shook its foundations. This however has not dissuaded the religious travellers from visiting the place. In fact, it's ruined beauty has only added to its intriguingly mysterious aura.

It is primarily a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Its interiors have been made of burnt brickbats. It is surrounded by a humble, plain brick wall of 100 meters by 70 meters in length and width respectively.

In the olden days, the Jaintia kings would perform animal sacrifices. However, this is not in practice anymore. Casual visitors offer their prayers and at times perform small Pujas here.

The best possible way to reach the temple is to hire a cab and take the Lad Rymbai – Bataw-Borghat road.


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