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Dhuandhar Falls, Jabalpur

Must Visit

The Dhuadhar Falls is one of the important hotspots for tourist not only in Jabalpur but of the state of Madhya Pradesh. Cascading from a height of 10 metres, this is a magnificently beautiful waterfall that originated from the River Narmada.

Jabalpur photos, Dhuandhar Falls - The pristine Waterfalls
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This scenic fall makes its way through the famous marble rocks and plunges in a waterfall with heavy gush, making a roaring sound, that can be heard from a considerable distance. This sudden fall creates mist or dhua and thus the waterfall is named Dhuadhar.

The Dhuadhar Falls is a breathtaking sight and thousands of people flock at this place throughout the year. This place is a wonderful place to spend a day with family and friends on a picnic.

There is plenty of space to unwind near to the waterfall. A must visit to Dhuadhar Falls is a great destination of picturesque beauty that lies around 6 km from the centre of the city of Jabalpur.

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