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Rani Mahal, Islamnagar

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Rani Mahal or “Queen Palace” comprises of two storeys. As the name implies, this palace was specifically built as a space for female residence by Dost Mohammad Khan in 1720. It was to provide shelter to his queens.

Islamnagar photos, Rani Mahal - An 18th century palace.
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The beautiful structure of the palace houses balconies and centrally located open air spaces. The elaborately designed umbrellas situated on the roof stand testimony to the grand style of architecture of those days. The palace provides a feel of comfort. The rooms, though not huge in dimension, do not fail to impress with their simple style.

The palace serves as a canvas depicting the beauty of the Mughal, Rajput and Malwa style of architecture. The rectangular garden adds to its wonderful look. The palace faces an open courtyard. But it is the view that is obtained by standing on the balconies of the palace that is the real highlight of the structure.


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