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Sukh Niwas Palace, Indore


Sukh Niwas Palace is another jewel in Indore’s architectural wonders. This palace was used by the rulers of Holkar dynasty as their summer palace. The splendid mansion is a wonderful structure built as a blend of Indian and Western architectural style. It reflects the choice and style of the royal members of the Holkar dynasty and their luxurious lifestyle.

An attraction of this beautiful palace is the presence of an underground tunnel, which acts as the link between the Sukh Niwas Palace and the old palace of the Holkar kings. The beauty and attraction of Sukh Niwas Palace is increased by the lush gardens surrounding the palace. This historical palace with a rich heritage acts as a picnic resort today. People throng in huge numbers to enjoy the charm of the palace that till today stands as a reminder of the grand style of the kings of Indore.

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