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Matai Garden, Imphal


Matai Garden, located about 8 kilometres away from the town of Imphal, is also known as Ibudhou Asheiningthou Garden. Matai is one of the local Gods and has been derived from the word Ibudhou Asheiningthou. The Garden is located in Matai, East Imphal district.

One of the special attractions of the Matai Garden is the beautiful and well-shaped Duranta plant. The Duranta Duranta plant fills most of the garden space and is beautifully grafted. The garden is otherwise a great outdoor location to spend a perfect day. The greenery all around, the near-perfect landscape makes the environment soothing and ideal.

For environmentalists, nature lovers the Matai Garden is the perfect place where you can stroll around without a worry of the world, check out the many varieties of plants, shrubs and trees, see the flowers blooming colourfully etc. The Matai Garden also serves as a beautiful picnic spot.


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