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The Nizam’s Museum, Hyderabad

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Nizam Museum in Hyderabad should be on the itinerary of every tourist visiting this historical city. The museum, which is part of the palace of the Nizams, has plenty of historical importance because it has on display plenty of paintings, jewelry, gifts, weapons as well as cars of the bygone era. The things on display are mainly gifts and mementos received by the Nizams as well as the souvenirs collected by them over the years. One can also see the various historical landmarks of Hyderabad replicated in silver for display purposes.

Hyderabad photos, The Nizam’s Museum -  A view
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There are plenty of things showcased in the museum; a throne made of wood and gold, exquisitely carved silver bottles for perfumes, coffee cups made of silver with diamond studs on them, a wooden writing box that has mother-of-pearl diamond to name a few. And caskets, golden Tiffin box with diamonds and an elephant and mahout figurine made from silver filigree are things that are sure to catch anybody’s attention. Besides, there is a Rolls Royce as well as Jaguar Mark V on display as well for those who are vintage car enthusiasts.


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