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Asman Ghar Palace, Hyderabad

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The Asman Garh Palace in Hyderabad stands majestically on a hillock and has therefore, been aptly named Asman Garh or ‘Sky Home’. The palace is now a museum showcasing archaeological relics. It also has within its premises the St Joseph’s Public School. Asman Garh Palace was designed and constructed by the then prime Minister of Hyderabad, Sir Asman Jah in 1885.

The Palace was a retreat of sorts for the family of Paigarh to which the Prime Minister belonged. He wanted to build a home that was close to the skies and thus he chose the top of a hillock for constructing his dream home. The palace was designed in keeping with the popular styles and architecture of the times. The style in trend at the time was Gothic, and the Asman Garh palace represents everything Gothic in terms of architecture. It has been built on the format of a European medieval castle.


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