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Hoshangabad Weather

The best season to visit Hoshangabad is between October and June. During this time, the temperature remains cool and pleasant. Rainfall is less in this period and therefore, Hoshangabad tourism is at its best.

Live Weather Forecast
Hoshangabad, India 19 ℃ Clear
Wind: 11 from the NE Humidity: 54% Pressure: 1019 mb Cloud Cover: 33%
5 Days weather forecast
Day Outlook Max Min
Thursday 19 Jan 31 ℃87 ℉ 14 ℃ 57 ℉
Friday 20 Jan 31 ℃87 ℉ 13 ℃ 56 ℉
Saturday 21 Jan 31 ℃88 ℉ 14 ℃ 56 ℉
Sunday 22 Jan 31 ℃88 ℉ 13 ℃ 56 ℉
Monday 23 Jan 31 ℃88 ℉ 13 ℃ 56 ℉

Hoshangabad witnesses a maximum temperature of 32 degrees Celsius during summer, not being on the extreme side. Tourists are ensured comfort during their stay in the city, where the weather remains pleasant most of the time. Tourists are advised to carry cotton clothes and umbrella during their visit in summer.


Hoshangabad becomes an eye candy during the monsoon season. The monsoon rains start from June and remains till September. The city of Hoshangabad receives a rainfall of 1343.6 mm. As the place gets heavy rainfall during this time, a visit to Hoshangabad is not recommended during the monsoon season.  


Winter season sets in November and continues through February. In the winter season, the temperature of Hoshangabad never falls below 19.42 degrees Celsius. Hence the weather remains cool and pleasant during this season. This fact is again considered to be ideal for tourists visiting the city of Hoshangabad during the winter months.