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Gademane, Honnemardu


While on a trip to Honnemardu, it is suggested that tourists should visit Gademane village, which is situated in Malnad. Gademane village is well known for Chitara art work that is created by natives of this village, who belong to the Deeva community and are known for their artistic skills. On reaching this village, travellers will be mesmerised by the beautiful paintings on the walls that have been created by the residents.

In case of auspicious or special occasions, natives decorate the walls of their home with numerous pictures. These wall paintings are made using burnt rice powder and different colours that are produced from jungle fruits. Unfortunately, this is a dying art form, though many groups have come up with different plans in order to save it from getting lost in the annals of history. Tourists planning to visit Gademane village can explore these paintings, which will remind them of popular cave paintings.

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