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Archaeological Museum at Kamalapura, Hampi


The Archaeological Museum at Kamalapura is visited by tourists primarily because of two models of Hampi that display the topography of the region in detail. Visitors will get the chance to know about the different attractions of the area through these models. The small model is situated inside the last gallery and provides a comprehensive and detailed view of the Royal Centre.

Hampi photos, Archaeological Museum at Kamalapura - Archealogy museum
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There are four principal divisions of this archaeological museum. The first one houses the abovementioned Hampi models, while the second division includes idols and sculptures belonging to Hampi ruins. The third division showcases arms, coins, tools and other items that were used in the Vijayanagara period. The fourth division is home to some of the most ancient objects from proto-historic and prehistoric period. Hero stones, sati stones, miniature replica of the Royal Centre, portions of porcelain pottery and stucco figurines are some of the items found in the fourth section.

The Archaeological Museum remains closed on Fridays and national holidays. This museum remains open from 10 AM till 5 PM on all other days. It is suggested to all tourists looking forward to a visit to Hampi.

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