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Gujari Mahal, Gwalior


Gujari Mahal is one of the famous archeological museums of India situated in Gwalior. The building is originally a palace built by the king Man Singh for his wife Mrignayani, who was a Gujar. Thus the palace got the name Gujari Mahal. In the year 1922, it was converted into a museum by archeology department. The museum has 28 galleries and 9000 artifacts. It has artifacts from 1st century onwards. Precious stones, jewels, terracotta objects, weapons, artifacts, sculptures, paintings, inscriptions, pottery etc. are displayed there.

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The wide array of sculptures in the Gujari Mahal museum includes the world famous Shalabhanjika Yakshi, Trimurthi Nataraj Ardhanareshwar, and Yamraj. It also has photographs of Madhu and Dhar areas of the city which are 75 year old. It has evidence about the life of Tansen, the great musician of 15th century. The museum is a must visit for any Indian historian and for a lover of history.


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