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Bajrangarh Fort, Guna


Bajrangarh Fort is also famous as Jharkon. This fort is located on the road of Guna Aron. It stands at about 8 km to the south-western direction of Guna. This fort was erected in the year 1775 by the emperors of Maratha. Moreover, the compound of this fort includes Gunnery, Rangmahal and Motimahal. Although the fort has been completely destroyed, it still looks stunning and continues to amaze its visitors.

The Bajrangarh Fort stands at an altitude of around 92.3 metre. Inside the fort, there used to be a large step well in the vicinity of the Gunnery. The well was used to store water mainly for the horses. There is also an old temple inside the fort which is visited by the local residents on a regular basis.


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